Asrul DWI Portfolio #001

Asrul DwiAsrul DwiAsrul DwiAsrul DwiAsrul DwiAsrul DwiAsrul DwiAsrul DwiAsrul DwiAsrul Dwi

ASRUL DWI – photographer from Jakarta, Indonésia

The first time I met Asrul, it was on the web, some years ago, because of his selfportraits. I was fascinated by the various declinaison of himself and his stage setting of himself which say an emergency to live, a life made of survival and a strong willing to create like we can see in his prolific production of analogic photographies. He also document every day life in for young people in Jakarta with a poetry and intimate vision of the willing to be free in a country made of boundaries.

Square, circle, triangle

This series explore identity in its basic foundation, sameness and difference. By placing familiar object on something that is estranged, I try challenge our concept about identity. About the necessity of being something to be identified as part of a social categorization or group affiliation.  About what is acceptable and what not, toward my self, social structure or culture.

– Bio-

Dwi Asrul Fajar is an Indonesian photographer, born in 1986, currently living in Jakarta. He uses photography as a medium to explore the psychological unknown, as well as his own reality and environment. He experiments with the photograph as a physical document, analyzing its visual layers and narratives. He also part of White Light Collective, an international collective of 7 photographers from 7 different countries with a shared interest to connect and work in a collaborative nature with one another. The Internet has been instrumental to break down geographical barriers enabling the members to create a body of work as a collective only made possible by the union of their unique individual styles. His works have been published and exhibited in Indonesia and abroad.

Asrul Dwi

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Published works :

  • Inspire Magazine’s Soul Issue (Slovakia)
  • Trystate Magazine (USA)
  • Ego Bruise Magazine’s Identity Issue
  • Theydo! Magazine (Indonesia)
  • Fur Magazine (Indonesia)
  • Der Greif Magazine (Germany)
  • Boys and Girls Zine
  • 001Zine
  • Underdogs Zine
  • BKN Magazine



Exhibition :

Tribute to Radiohead, Yogyakarta 2011

‘What’s Next?’ – curated by Dazed’s Jefferson Hack, Foam Gallery, Amsterdam 2011

3Point Award, Ruang Mes 56, Yogyakarta 2012

ART|JOG|13 (as 3Point Award), Yogyakarta 2013

Salon ZERP, Zerp Gallerie, Rotterdam, Netherlands 2013

In Your Face, Portrait Exhibition, Ruffian Gallery, Victoria, Australia 2013

Here from Now Exhibition, Camden Image Gallery, London, UK 2014

Perhentian, Postcards Exhibition, Jakarta 2015

Minky Custom Show, Ghostbird+Swoon, Bali 2016

Safari, Oko Gallery and AMI Gallery, Poland 2016